To understand Balancing Act 2 it is important to note the original Balance Act book published 43 years previous. Back then, Littoral Books included Agnes¬†Bushell, Marcia Brown, and Lynn Siefert. The publication had been a huge success, and included a poem by Janet Mills (hence her appearance at the opening for the new book). Life intervened for all those involved in the press, and the press went into remission for over 40 years. In 2017 they all picked up their dream and reopened Littoral Books. Balancing Act 2 was published in December 2018 amid a great deal of interest within the Maine literary community. Agnes and Jim Bushell asked if I would be available to take photographs during the opening event on December 15th. Not being an editorial photographer, I instead offered to setup a small studio to take “fun portraits” of people during the event.

The portrait booth was way more successful than I had imagined, expecting that “a few” of the poets would want a portrait, and that I would spend most of my time socializing. That wasn’t the case.¬† At one point someone pointed out that the line for portraits was almost to the entrance of the gallery. What a thrilling surprise. I was the last to leave the gallery that afternoon after all was done.

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