Jewelry Photography 1993-2007

Jewelry photography came to me early in my career. In college I began photographing jewelry for the metalsmithing department at the Maine College of Art, and ultimateIy I began photographing for some local jewelers in Maine after graduating. Within several years I had established myself as trustworthy and dependable resource for jewelers. In downtown Portland, Maine I began a rewarding career working with jewelers all over US.

During that rewarding stretch of time I developed and honed my skills as a marketer as well as a photographer. How rewarding it has been to photograph amazing works of art and help bring them to market.

John Hardy: 2007-2008

In 2007 my career took a turn after I was hired to photograph John Hardy’s Fall 2007 collections. The photoshoot in Bali was successful, and because of my branding and marketing knowledge, as well as organizational skills for having run a business, I was offered their Marketing/Media Director’s position in Bali. This exciting year-long opportunity was a wonderful addition to my career experience and I built on my experience and skillsets by working with industry professionals at the top of their field.

Berlian Arts: 2008-2016

It was exciting to bring my talents back home to my business in 2008 when I returned to the US. I decided to bring on a business partner whose skills complemented my own, and Berlian Arts was established. While continuing to offer jewelry photography and graphic design, I was able to add web development, CAD. At the Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook, Maine, just outside of trendy Portland, Berlian Arts began to thrive and grow.

Todd Reed Jewelry: 2016

I took the opportunity to work with Todd Reed Jewelry in Boulder, CO for two years while Berlian Arts continued to thrive in Maine. As Head of Marketing and Communications I was able to implement a digital marketing strategy after leading them through the launch of an e-commerce website. In addition I created a highly successful program for their Wholesale partners that included digital traffic campaigns, a highly successful training webinar program, and streamlined individuated catalog production.

Berlian Arts: 2018-present

What is most exciting for me about Berlian Arts is the positioning it has offered me at this stage in my career. All of the core services that the company was built on remain intact as I am able to consult with companies in a freelance or consulting capacity. I am able to tailor my talents for short or long term initiatives.

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