If We Were to Meet in an Airport…

…and you were to ask me what I do, I would say, “Happy are those who do what they love.”

Doing is a way of being in the world.

I love travel. I love making art. I love Maine. All deeply felt, profoundly desired, passionately realized—and lived.

Photography is one simple way to tell stories. The “decisive moment” (Bresson) can be experienced. In the studio, that decisive moment is the result of consequence: assembling objects, angling light, observing the scene with the luxury of time. The moment of capture can be the difference between merely showing something or illuminating its essence; decisive is the moment when “the commonest object appears to us radiant.” (Joyce)

I’ve been shooting jewelry for more than twenty-five years. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with some of the most respected and exciting artists around the globe. It has been a welcomed adventure.

Writing is something I have always practiced but kept to myself. I finally made the choice to do writing on the outside. All the discipline of being self-employed has bolstered my ability to make space for this need. It has been rewarding. Writing a short story is much like capturing a moment with my camera. There is in both a demand for economy to discover the kernel of meaning, and what to exclude to arrive there.

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