Over the course of my photography career I have contributed articles related to jewelry photography in many publications including MJSA Journal and InStore Magazine. Most significantly I was featured in the book Profiting by Design (Marlene Richey, MJSA Press). Non-fiction articles have appeared inĀ ADORNMENT magazine and on the Ruminate blog Wakenings. Short fiction has appeared in North by Northeast (2019, Littoral Books) and The DIssident.



In 2018 I moved back to Maine after two years in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve owned a house in Bangor for many years but never really lived in it. I had decided it was time to settle.

In early 2020 I enrolled in a Master Gardener class through the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension. Inspired by the possibilities of what a small in-town urban yard could become, I decided to start a diary of when my yard ended and when my garden began.