A Box of Mother (Sestina) Robert Diamante   I flew to Texas to visit my Mother. She in the living room looking changed. Only two months since my last trip, now a box was there beside her whirling fluid into tubes forcing life into her   failing body. To see her overwhelmed me. My Mother, skin pale

North by Northeast

Read ("Blue Eyes" and "The Barren") in North by Northeast: An Anthology of Writers from Maine published by Littoral Books. PURCHASE HERE: NxNE Read a great review of the book on the Littoral Books Press page. Cover art by Judy Allen and book design by Lori Harley, introduction by Alfred DePew Short Fiction by:

Why Scarlett Never Really Loved Ashley, Anyway.

Why Scarlett Never Really Loved Ashley, Anyway. by Robert Diamante I go down, I surface, breathe. go down again. A vexing cycle. But not today. Today I choose to swim, So I swim, do not sink into despair. I stay equal with my beloved over there mounted on the bank, who once held out his hand. Reeling in the

maine snow

The Plowman

The Earnestness of the Plowman Robert Diamante   I work hard every spring To redefine the lines between my lawn and the gravel drive, the sidewalk and the median that spans to the curb: lines blurred by the Plowman   For every winter, after a long snowfall, The Plowman comes to “knock it all back." And every year I