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A Box of Mother (Sestina) Robert Diamante   I flew to Texas to visit my Mother. She in the living … Read More

North by Northeast
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I have two short stories (“Blue Eyes” and “The Barren”) included in North by Northeast: An Anthology of Writers from … Read More

She Likes Graduations
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She Likes Graduations Robert Diamante   The girl walks up the aisle. She smiles at everyone who stumbles on her … Read More

Why Scarlett Never Really Loved Ashley, Anyway.
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Why Scarlett Never Really Loved Ashley, Anyway. by Robert Diamante I drown, I surface, I breathe. I drown again; a … Read More

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Crows By Robert Diamante   I prefer my winter hues maudlin: the poetry flows. I prefer the sky cast gray, … Read More

The Plowman
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The Earnestness of the Plowman Robert Diamante   I work hard every spring To redefine the lines between my lawn … Read More