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A Box of Mother (Sestina) Robert Diamante   I flew to Texas to visit my Mother. She in the living room looking changed. Only two months since my last trip, now a box was there beside her whirling fluid into tubes forcing life into her   failing body. To see her overwhelmed me. My Mother, skin pale

Robert Diamante Gareden Diary Backyard Dive in Denver Botanical Garden

That First Summer (or so)

Misunderstanding your backyard topography is the second biggest sin you can commit when creating a landscape. The first is not having a plan. I was drowning unaware. During the first summer in my new house there were sporadic bursts of life throughout the yard. Large thick leaves


The Beginning

I wish you could have seen the backyard when I first bought the house. Today, I look out at the devastation I have created and wonder, have I gotten anywhere in 17 years? The house is a small cross-peaked New Englander tucked up close to the



  READ "Tekton"   Recently, I visited friends in Amman, Jordan. It was my first trip to the Middle East, and though my experience was quick and largely as a tourist, I had a few magic moments that can only happen when you shed any schedule and open